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   Children born in 2020 can now register for Sunday School! 

   Any child turning 4 years old in 2024 is welcome to join Sunday

   School. Contact the Church Office at 613-735-6332 to register.

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MARCH 2024

Next meeting is Thursday, March 14TH, 2024, 2:00 PM - Meeting, Devotion, Bunco, and delicious Potluck Supper 

Please join us Friday, March 22 at 7:00 PM to see I AM POTENTIAL”. An inspiring true story based on the life of Patrick Henry Hughes. This is the story of how a father learned to sacrifice all of his own dreams and plans for the sake of his son, Patrick Henry. The Hughs family's story reminds us all to look at the things we have, rather than the things we don't, as we all try to reach our God-given potential. 

Admission is free. Popcorn is delicious. Come out for the movie . . . and bring your friends. 

   There will be no Sunday School on Easter Sunday morning so that 

everyone can enjoy our delicious Easter Breakfast (8:30 AM)

APRIL 2024

   Click here for additional information =>  HEAVEN & HELL

Meeting, games, potluck supper (bring a favorite dish to share)

 - "NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER" - a true story - a mother and daughter visit family in Iran and need to escape in order to return to their home in the U.S.A. This movie provides us with insight into how family relationships are different from here. 

Cleanup in the Church kitchen. Bring your lunch. 

Rummage Sale hosted by St. John's Youth (held in Church Basement)

   Donations of Items for the Sale . . .  if you have items to donate to the Sale, the Church Basement will be open for        "drop-offs":  Wednesday, April 24 from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM, and Friday, April 26 from 3:00 - 7:00 PM

   Bake Sale items . . .  will be available for purchase

   Donations of Baked Goods . . .  may dropped off during the above times, and also Saturday morning (the Sale date).

   Contact: Sarah Biggs if you have any further questions.

Celebrating Pastor Stephen & Mary Ann Alles 40th Wedding Anniversary 

MAY 2024

Meeting, Devotion, Guest Speaker - Diabetes (prevention, symptoms, management, meals, etc.)

Delicious Potluck Supper 

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To Register your child, call the Church Office at 613-735-6332

This year's theme for VBS: “CELEBRATE THE SAVIOUR!” - Jesus gives us joy!

    Time: Daily 8:30 AM - Noon 

Opry Gold on Thursday, May 16TH at Morrisburg. See poster for details. Contact Debbie Bernard  

click here => Opry Gold Senior's Excursion 

"The Music of Silence" - a true story movie of Andrea Bocelli, one of the world's most beautiful and most famous voices- blind at a young age, and fighting though obstacles of ridicule and humiliation

will speak about Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) 

will speak about Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT).  Please bring a POTLUCK COLD DISH (e.g. salad, cold meat, veggies, fruit, cheese, pickles, etc.) or a dessert, to share

   Final day of Sunday School - Sunday School classes resume in September 2024

Led by Pastor Stephen Alles

JUNE 2024

Meeting, Devotion, Music by The Intermittents. Potluck of "cold foods" - examples: salads, cold meats, desserts, etc. Bring a favorite "cold" dish to share!  

"Alan Jackson: Small Town Southern Man" - True Story - a documentary - the story of a humble man, Alan Jackson, who thanks God for his blessings. Highlighting Alan's most loved songs, his upbringing and childhood, the role of his parents and family in his life, and his journey to reach great heights in the world of country music. 

"I'm just a simple man who writes simple songs". 

JULY 2024

   This year's theme for VBS: “CELEBRATE THE SAVIOUR!” - Jesus gives us joy!

   Time: Daily 8:30 AM - Noon 




Frankenmuth, Michigan & Toronto. See poster for details  

click here => Frankenmuth & Toronto Senior's Excursion 



All Seniors are welcome. Contact Paulette Behm for additional information. Catered by Schmidt's. Cost $30 per person


Theme is "Unbreakable" - teaches youth that putting on God's amour makes them unbreakable, despite today's worldly threats 

Contact:  Pastor Stephen Alles  Phone: 613-735-6332